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Окружной творческий конкурс по английскому языку для обучающихся 8 - 11 классов
Take Care of Yamalia, and She Will Take Care of You
01 - 30 декабря 2017 года






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The Great War: How It Changed My Family, My Country and the World


Уважаемые участники конкурса сочинеий, посвященных 70-летию Великой Победы!
Рады сообщить Вам, что мы подготовили Ваши сертификаты участников конкурса, их можно скачать из папок по адресам:

для участников, чьи фамилии начинаются на А-К:

для участников, чьи фамилии начинаются на Л-Я:
Пожалуйста, скачайте Ваши сертификаты и сертификаты Ваших товарищей/одноклассников/учащихся.

We would like to announce the results of the essay contest dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory over the Fascist Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945. We have received 70 (!) essays for the contest, a significant number for the Anniversary. Twelve jury experts from different towns of the okrug have chosen 6 best works.

10-11 Forms Students
1st Prize - Anastasia Kurysheva, Noyabrsk
2nd Prize - Yulia Sidorova, Muravlenko
3rd Prize - Filipp Lobanov, Novy Urengoy

8-9 Forms Students
1st Prize - Anita Uzunalova, Novy Urengoy
2nd Prize - Tamara Golubeva, Salekhard
3rd Prize - Valeria Khokhlyutina, Muravlenko

We congratulate all the winners and would like to heartily thank all the participants of the contest once again.
All the participants will get certificates of participation (you will be able download the e-certificates as soon as they are ready and uploaded to a file share service, you will be notified of that). The prize-winners will get their diplomas and prizes via postal services.
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The Polar Owl Contest

Региональный конкурс тестовых материалов по регионоведению


The Jury of the Polar Owl Contest is glad to present the results of the professional competition in test items writing on the basis of the regional teaching component and name the winners:
1st Prize - Irina Rusina, Noyabrsk
2nd Prize - Alevtina Andreyeva, Salyemal
3rd Prize - Larisa Makhmutova, Yar-Salye

We congratulate all the winners and would like to heartily thank all the participants of the contest once again.
All the participants will get certificates of participation (you will be able download the e-certificates as soon as they are ready and uploaded to a file share service, you will be notified of that). The prize-winners will get their diplomas and prizes via postal services.


Dear Colleagues!

At last we are ready to announce the final results of the essay contest for students which was entitled as 'East or West – Yamalia is Best'. First of all we present our apologies for having made you wait for the results for such a long time. There was a bunch of reasons why we could not meet the set deadline (as a joke says the deadline in Russia is not a line that you cross but a line that you go along). That is a joke of course.
Thirty-eight students from 7 Yamalia towns have taken part in the contest and it was really difficult for the jury to decide on the best compositions. In spite of the fact that it was so hard to make our final statement, we are happy to announce the winners’ names

FORMS 8 – 9

1st prize – Anastasia Cherkasova, Novy Urengoy
nd prize – Yelizaveta Kuznetsova, Gubkinsky
rd prize – Anita Uzunalova, Novy Urengoy

FORMS 10 – 11

1st prize – Maria Kitsova, Novy Urengoy
nd prize – Yulia Sidorova, Muravlenko
rd prize – Daria Krotenko, Novy Urengoy
We have also decided to award a special prize to a five-former from Novy Urengoy, Xenia Zakharchenko, who was willing to take part in the competition so much. And really, her essay was one of the best in the category ‘8 – 9 Forms’. But as the conditions and the rules of the contest do not presuppose such young students’ participation, the Association Board has made a decision to present Xenia with a special prize.
The winners’ prizes will be sent out to the winners’ addresses they have provided in their information cards alongside with their diplomas and certificates for their teachers.
All the participants will get their certificates in an electronic form to the email addresses that have been provided in their application forms.
We would like to thank all the participants of the contest and would like to get the students’ and their teachers’ feedback on the contest via email or the Association Facebook official page.
Thank you very much again!
YamELTA Board

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Maria Kitsova, Novy Urengoy (Forms 10 - 11, 1st Prize)

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.)
You are walking through the autumn tundra. It explodes with colour, as if Mother Nature herself has painted everything around you into all shades of red, yellow, orange and brown. What is that strange sound? You stop for a while, listen carefully, and smile, relieved, because you realize that it’s the Bewick’s swan! Indeed, its loud calls sound like a girl’s laughter! You wish you had a camera with you to get these great nature shots. You continue your wonderful walk. Dwarf birches look like golden bonfires flapping in the wind. Then you catch sight of a small aspen and decide to come closer. Hardly have you touched its trunk when tiny golden leaves start falling down from it. Amazed, you slowly raise your head to the sky. It’s so blue and clear that you gasp in admiration. You might think that you are just having an amazing dream. Maybe, in some way… But this dream is bound to come true if you ever come to my native land. It is indescribably beautiful, rich and immense. It is called Yamalia, but I am lucky to call it my homeland.
A long time ago my grandparents moved to the north. My parents grew up here, met each other, fell in love and here I am, a girl from Novy Urengoy, writing these lines, filled with pride and admiration. It’s here, in Yamalia that I have become a person that I am now and realized what I am living for, what I want to achieve in my life. My homeland is my reflection. It is an inseparable part of me.
In my opinion, it is the outstanding men of past and present who we should be grateful to. If you walk through the streets of my town, you will come across many of their names, which can be seen on the monuments, memorial plaques, names of bus stops and streets.
I am extremely proud of the traditions of my homeland and we do our best to carefully keep them up. For instance, in Yamalia we have our local holiday called the National Festival of the Native Northern Peoples.
One more important fact should be pointed out: nowadays it is possible for every schoolchild in my hometown to choose a career connected with gas production industries due to the new educational project ”Gazprom-classes”. It is a joint initiative of several Gazprom enterprises and Novy Urengoy’s Department of Education. The project is mainly aimed at training the future candidate pool for Gazprom’s subsidiary companies. This means that the young generation is willing to follow in their parents’ footsteps and work for the sake of our homeland. Our parents and grandparents can be sure that the future of Yamalia is our reliable hands.
Despite the fact that we live on the edge of the earth, our region supplies the whole world with gas and oil. Our abundant resources are beyond other countries’ wildest dreams.
One must admit that the climate in Yamalia is far from being moderate. Our short cool summers and long severe winters are the reason why many dwellers prefer spending their holidays abroad and I am not an exception. I’ve been to many places: experienced all the hustle and bustle of New York, hit the shops of Oxford Street and plunged into the romantic mood of Paris. Yes, things do get into full swing around there, but I strongly believe that it's not the size of the place where you live that matters, but the way you feel about it. Whatever country I visit, wherever fate lands me, I always remember where I am from, and what it means to me. I look forward to the day of return, the day my feet take me back to where my heart has been that whole time. It has been, it is and it will always stay in my Yamalia!
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Yulia Sidorova, Muravlenko (Forms 10 - 11, 2nd Prize)

Cold, blizzards and frost... Endless northern spaces lying in the ends of the Earth. Igor Kornilov in his song "Yamalia" encourages people to come to the north, to the land of harsh snowy beauty. What does Yamalia Peninsula attract with? Why do people coming here for six months stay forever? Why do you start calling this harsh land your home with time? And what is attractive in those eternal blizzards and snowstorms? Yamalia is the land of untouched nature where flora and fauna are closely intertwisted with the traditions of the indigenous peoples. This is one of the few places where people can feel the unity with nature. Strict outlines of buildings are occasionally lightened with northern lights, as if to remind people where they are. Mystical, unpredictable and incredibly beautiful phenomenon. Despite the fact that it can be seen and admired in many countries, it is namely Yamalia that is considered to be the most convenient place for that. People living in the north have that opportunity to witness the aurora at its best. Religion and mysticism are other reasons to visit Yamalia. From time immemorial northern people have believed in gods living in heaven and controlling all the existence. Today the faith has weakened, but we are still read stories about creatures from another world, called Num and Nga. The faith of Yamalia indigenous peoples is truly amazing. But Yamalia is not just mystical, cold land...Summer comes here too. May is the time of birth of fawns. Tundra tries on its annual green grab. The birds are back home, and their cackling fill the countryside. In summer tundra is no less beautiful. Deer bask in the green grass and forests are covered with berries, as if someone has scattered milliards of emeralds and rubies. Yamalia scenary is beautiful in all seasons. Fairy-tale inhabits these places. Yamalia will always attract people. Everybody will find something of his own. Once found oneself in this place, it is impossible to stay indifferent... We came for a short while, but stayed forever. It is as if Yamalia took us by the hand and didn't let us go. And we will always be pursued by the thought "East or West, Yamalia is Best"
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Daria Krotenko, Novy Urengoy (Forms 10 - 11, 3rd Prize)

It is the land - the land of dreams and romance - beckons the ships of our souls[1]... These are the words of the song, known to every inhabitant of Yamalia - one of the most northern parts of Russia, where winter is practically all the year round (about 9 months), and the sky is so low that if you stretch your hand you seem to be able to touch it. This is the land of contrasts with polar nights, which gradually get off to the land at 3 pm, in the winter and midnight sun in the summer.
Yes, all this is my Yamalia, my little homeland, the land where I was born and have been living for 17 years. This is the place where I made the first steps, made my first discoveries, made the very first friends, went to school ... First victories and first disappointments are connected with this land ... Yamalia is a huge part of my life. Would I ever be able to forget it? No, never!
But Yamalia is able to settle in the hearts of people, who were born far beyond its borders and who came here only by chance. I know many people who came here once and decided to stay… Forever.
What can attract people in such a harsh land? Why will not everyone, who has been here, be able to leave?
Everyone has his own answer...
The beautiful nature can be one of the possible reasons. It is said that nothing can be compared with the Yamalia tundra. Maybe that's why many people choose to escape to nature or to the forest in summer or autumn (which is the right time) to have a rest from a hectic pace of city life, to gather mushrooms and berries, which these places are rich in. Just to breathe in the freshness of the autumn forest, to enjoy the view of green fir and spruce trees in the background of falling leaves from dwarf birches. All shades of yellow and red – this is the palette of the autumn forest ... With brown pileus, red cranberries and blueberries as a pleasant surprise.
In good weather, you can enjoy the clouds running across the sky. It seems that such entertainment is available to any citizen of the Earth, but I must assure you that such clouds are nowhere but in Yamalia.
Or maybe it's a natural phenomenon. Where else can you see the dark night sky illuminated by the emerald glow of the aurora borealis? And what about two or even three rainbows?
The weather surprises are also frequent. There can be snow in July or pussy-willow in the middle of February ... Personally for me, nature has twice presented the most valuable birthday gift - the first snow. Just imagine yesterday there was slush, mud and other related elements of autumn in Yamalia everywhere, and the next morning you go out on the porch and immerse in a real fairy tale, breathe in the fresh cold air and make the first steps in the fresh snow. This feeling cannot be compared with anything else... And is it really worth comparing?
But most importantly: Yamalia is a real school of life. I am sure that people who had lived here for at least a few years are different from those who did not have such experience.
Firstly, Yamalia means a harsh environment. These are winters, where the average temperature is below -30 ° C. Any person to whom I say that at -38 ° C we go to school and -25 ° C and -30 ° C is suitable weather for walking, says that either I'm crazy or joking. Yes, it's hard to believe for a person who has not lived here.
What do you think about the temperature drops? And not by 5-7 degrees but by 15-20 degrees? You can say it is impossible. I will answer it is the harsh reality of Yamalia.
But getting used to this paradox is simple. And it is impossible for many people to lose this skill of "normal functioning" in extreme conditions, and, moreover, it would be extremely useful if you move to a warmer place where people can enjoy the winter with "the frost of -20 ° C".
What can we say about the summer? Any summer, as northern weather often deprives us of such a pleasure ... Well, "northern" people are less fussy about weather conditions, and thus are more positive. In fact, no natural incidents will be able to surprise them or especially upset. And is it bad?
What else distinguishes the man of the north? I think it's a goodwill, willingness to help an unknown person or even a stranger. This is not surprising. Here people are thousands of miles from their home, and it makes them getting to know the people around - meet and make friends with their neighbors, talk to a stranger on a bus or taxi, to congratulate others on a holiday... Yamalia often gives the impression that its residents are the members of one big family. At least it used to until recently.
In recent years, the northern cities have begun to grow, and the friendly atmosphere that has existed for more than 20-30 years, is beginning to crumble. Yes, Yamalia is no longer the same... But everything is not lost yet, and we are able to rectify the situation.
Why am I telling you all this? Probably, in order to show that Yamalia is an original, unique and inimitable edge. Yamalia is my homeland. And no matter what happens, to what distance my fate will take me from it, this land, where "girls have snowflakes on their eyelashes and good shining faces"[2], will always have a place in my heart. And I'm sure that not only for me, because "we are forever wedded with this region"[1] and this "love is as eternal as frost..."[1]
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Anastasia Cherkasova, Novy Urengoy (Forms 8 - 9, 1st Prize)

Today I have a golden opportunity to take you to a journey, the journey to my homeland, Yamalia, the land of hardworking people and endless ices, the northern lights and the white nights. I will take you to Fairy Land. You are going to see our four fairies- Fairy Winter, Fairy Spring, Fairy Summer and Fairy Autumn. Let us get acquainted with the first sister – Fairy Winter. She is the eldest, so she rules the longest period of time. It is Fairy Winter who is in charge of icy winds and heavy snowfalls, fluffy snowflakes and silver frost. She is the queen of skating- rinks and snow slides. Here, in Yamalia, Fairy Winter’s time lasts from November to March, she takes her time, she is never in a hurry. Finally, she does get tired and gives way to the second sister. Fairy Spring is very shy. Even if she looks forward to reigning over Yamalia, she waits patiently for her turn. She is a little bit afraid of her elder sister, that is why she never hastens Fairy Winter to leave. Everyone is eager to welcome this young lady, eager to have a second breath after long winter days. It seems that Nature awakens. Days are becoming longer and longer, the sun is doing its best to give us as many warm rays as possible. Yamalians have missed the sun greatly, they simply enjoy themselves! Some exciting local holidays take place in this amazing season, Festival of the Northern Peoples is one of them. What is that grey buzzing cloud over there? Ouch! Somebody has bitten me on my neck and arms! Oh, I have completely forgotten to warn you about these intrusive creatures- small northern mosquitoes. They are a sign that Fairy Summer has reached my Yamalia- the queen of incredible white nights and enjoyable picnics! I wish she could stay with us longer, but, unfortunately, Fairy Summer is given such a short time to rule by her strict elder sister. Moreover, their youngest sister is waiting for her turn. Good bye, Fairy Summer! Sometimes Fairy Autumn is so impatient that she cannot even wait for the end of August and comes unexpectedly some two or three weeks earlier. But we will forgive this pretty woman for her early invasion, won’t we? She is stunning! The queen of golden leaves, soft reindeer moss, delicious mushrooms and indescribably beautiful juicy berries. But it is not only Yamalian nature that I am proud of. First and foremost, I am proud of people, living on the edge of the earth and doing their best to glorify their homeland. But this is the theme of our next journey.
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Yelizaveta Kuznetsova, Gubkinsky (Forms 8 - 9, 2nd Prize)

Hey Tommy, what are you doing? Why are you digging? - A four year old boy approached the hole and peered inside.
Hi Mike, do you want to help me? I've watched a TV programme... Have you ever thought what is there? - The boy pointed at the hole and continued speaking, on the opposite side of the earth?
- I know for sure that there are also people. But I still do not understand why you need this hole? Mike was standing on the edge of it, looking at the bottom – Are you looking for a treasure?
-N-o-o-o . I'm going to reach the other side of the earth. I want to go to Russia and see a real winter. I dig the tunnel and it 'll get there. Tom, was obviously satisfied with his idea and looked at Mike. - I'm sure there are so many interesting things there...

20 years later

Hi Michael,
I haven’t written for a long time. Lots of work to do. For the previous year I have traveled a lot, but I have never been to Russia yet. And now I am here. I did not stop in Moscow and drove on. I am in Yamal. Now I know that “Yamal” can be translated as “the end of the earth”? The weather here is very frosty. But what a beautiful winter! I can’t find words to describe it, I m like in a fairytale. Everything around is absolutely white and shimmers in the sun, that makes you squint. I will send you some photos. Yesterday, when I was doing a photo report, luckily I met a local man. I thought that he was lost. Fortunately he also spoke English, a researcher or a scientist, I don’t remember exactly. His name is Kuchum. The man told me a lot about the local peoples. Hunts, they live in such a strange dwellings, which are similar to Indian homes. Only they are more insulated by reindeer leather. Speaking of deer, then say: " Deer carries, provides food and clothes." And the truth is that they make outwear clothes from deer and women decorate them fully. They eat reindeer meat, a lot of fish and forest herbs. I’d like to say some words the people’s appearance. They are short, about 160cm tall, they have straight soft brown hair. They do woodcarvings. Kuchum showed me his collection of artifacts. He gave me one, so he gave me a real shaman's drum! The more I listened to him, the more I wanted to stay there. I have not had time to learn everything! And perhaps I will stay here for a week.
And now I have to go, I will go to see the local Holiday of reindeer herder. I already have some idea to whom it is dedicated. I’ll tell you about this holiday next time.
My best wishes,
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Anita Uzulanova, Novy Urengoy (Forms 8 - 9, 3rd Prize)

Yamalia is a special place, isn’t it? People, who don’t live here, have a dim idea about it. For them it is an eternally cold desert with snowy mountains, glaciers and icebergs, raw-hide tents, where people live in fur from top to toe with domestic animals. As a local inhabitant I will tell you the truth to ruin this horrible picture. First of all, Yamalia has a changeable climate. Of course, winter is freezing cold with low temperatures far below zero, falling to fifty, strong winds, blowing you away, and harsh frosts, but summer can be so hot that all the townspeople lie on the beach, sunbathe and swim in the river (it becomes more visited than the Black Sea!). Secondly, locals aren’t cavemen; they are up-to-date in all spheres. Children go to school, do a lot of work, have a good education, they aren’t foolish at all! Due to the fact that their parents have well-paid jobs because of having the biggest gas company in the world, most of children have an opportunity to travel. In addition, my school was visited by Japanese and German delegations, so Yamalia is of interest to other countries and has got an International recognition. If you ask someone abroad about Russia, everybody will tell you about the largest gas and oil companies, which are in Yamalia, so my motherland is rather famous. In conclusion, I would like to say that people here are proud of Yamalia, in spite of witless conversations about it; they live and develop their motherland. Yamalia is a country of opportunities and possibilities; it gives a wide scope for self-realization and life without any worries.
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Ksenia Zakharchenko, Form 5, Novy Urengoy

Great Britain,
London, 48 Regent St,
For Harry Black

Dear Harry,
My name is Ksenia Zakharchenko. I am eleven years old. I am from Yamal, Novy Urengoy. My town is very valuable as it is the gaz capital of Russia. My parents work in a famous gaz extracting organization «Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy».
Our nature is different from yours. We live in the Extreme North, near the Polar circle. Winters here are very severe and really frosty. We often skip school because of the severe north weather. If you go far in tundra on a frosty winter night you can see a very beautiful and rare nature phenomenon which we call polar lights. It is a great show. Green-blue-purple light fall on an endless snowy area. But unfortunately, we have extremely short summers. All parents try and send their children to warmer parts of our country to protect them from mosquitoes and midges that are really big here. Tundra in Yamalia is especially beautiful in the fall! Its fiery-red colours can make you feel blind. It is hard to imagine how may kinds of berries we have here in tundra: blueberry and bilberry, cowberry and cranberries, raspberry and cloudberry. And one-day time for picking mushrooms comes. It’s difficult to imagine how many mushrooms grow here ceps and aspen, boletus, maslyata and milk mushrooms.
As for holidays, my favorite holiday is the Holiday of the Peoples of the North. Many native peoples from all Yamalia come to this holiday. Nameless lake transforms for two days. Everywhere there are chums covered with deerskins inside which we can see the way of living of native peoples and feel their every day life. During this holiday the greatest fun for our children is riding in reindeer sledges. Northern reindeer run so fast that sometimes it seems such rides can take your breath away. Not a single person of our town is left without a picture with a deer or with a small child in kisi and malicha. Here you can buy national handmade souvenirs. As for adults, they think it is their duty to buy all the thing possible and they will never leave trade fairs without attention. No wonder, here you can find the abundance of fresh fish, muksun and nellma, ryapushka and pyzhyan. Here you can also find Yamal delicacies: ryapushka caviar and reindeer heart, for example. This day, a traditional dish on the table in my family is small pieces of raw fish which we call stroganina from muksun. Of course, to the opinion of the civilized man eating raw frozen fish is just horrible! When I first tried it, I experienced the same feelings. But I love smoked muksun and canned meat of reindeer.
As far as you understood, animal world of my homeland is very different from yours and really unique. And although bears and wolves do not roam the streets, they can be found deep in the woods. When we ski in the park very often we meet squirrels and feed them with nuts. There are lots of arctic foxes and hares here. From time to time white partridge fly into my yard. Do you know that the arctic owl is the emblem of my hometown.
Of course, I would love to visit London and see Big Ben, Kings Cross, London eye, Tower and Buckingham Palace one day. But I want you to visit my Yamalia in return and see everything with your own eyes.
P.S. And though my name Ksenia is translated from Latin as «a stranger» and I love to travel, but most of all I love my Yamal, my hometown Novy Urengoy.
Yours sincerely,
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